“Queen of the Night” Busardi LookBook AW15

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Busardi AW15 “Queen of the Night” LookBook

Busardi is a semi-couture label based in Bangkok and is the first Thai label to show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Grounded in couture roots, Busardi’s collections are produced and embellished by highly skilled artisans in the heart of Thailand. 

As the location for AW15 LookBook shoot based in London this season. It was such a significantly opportunity to be part of the their fashion team,  worked closely with Busardi and Tuck Muntarbhorn, Co-founder, creative director and head designer of Busardi. 

While we were shooting, Busardi was telling me about the inspiration behind Queen Of Night collection and how each garments has been carefully designed, using Thai silk embellished with magnificent lace embroidery. They’ll be showing AW15 collection during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2015. More about the brands www.busardi.com



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